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Fair Market Value Guides

These charts are not an official valuation list. It is merely a list of suggested amounts that could be used as a guide for determining the value of used items that have been donated to charities. Values list are ranges taken from various sources of what used items sell for in various stores across the nation.


Notice: No deduction is allowed for a charitable contribution of clothing or household items unless they are in good used condition or better. The IRS is allowed to deny a deduction for a contribution of those items that have minimal monetary value, like socks and underclothing.


Substantiation Requirements


Help substantiate your deduction for the FMV of donated items by making a list of each item donated on a sheet of paper. Include on this list:


Name and address of charity

Date you made the donation to the above listed charity

Description of each item that was donated

The FMV of each donated item at the time of the donation

The date each item was originally purchased or obtained

Cost or other basis of each donated item

Limitations. If the donated item was owned less than a year, or it was used in a trade or business (and would generate ordinary income if sold), or it was your own creative work, the deduction is limited to your basis. Contact a tax professional for further assistance.

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